Keeping the American Dream, Trainer's Toolbox (Simplified Chinese) - 1st Edition
Publication Date
September 2021


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Keeping the American Dream is the leading resource for successfully maintaining post-purchase homeownership. With important information on improving their homes, fostering financial well-being and strengthening their communities, this publication is a great means of support for your clients. To augment Keeping the American Dream 3rd edition and the training and counseling work you do with it, we’ve developed a Keeping the American Dream Trainers Toolbox that provides counselors and educators with tools to plan and implement highly effective training programs for homeowners in need of your services. Purchase the Trainers Toolbox and you’ll have access to:



Keeping the American Dream Trainers Toolbox gives you what you need to provide top-notch guidance to your clients—and it removes the burden of creating these pieces from scratch! The Trainers Toolbox is available only in a downloadable format in the following languages:


English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese


Note: Purchasing the Trainers Toolbox allows one download only