Realizing the American Dream, Trainer's Toolbox (English) - 1st Edition
Publication Date
December 2017


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Realizing the American Dream is the definitive resource for prepurchase homeownership education. Developed by industry experts and relied on by thousands of housing counselors as the basis for their training curriculum, the manual covers the entire homeownership process and supports all the milestones for successful home purchase. The Trainers Toolbox is a perfect complement to the Manual for Homebuyers, and provides counselors and educators with tools to plan and implement highly effective training programs. Purchase the Trainers Toolbox and you’ll have access to:



Realizing the American Dream Trainers Toolbox gives you what you need to provide top-notch guidance to your clients—and it removes the burden of creating these pieces from scratch! The Trainers Toolbox is available only in a downloadable format, in either English or Spanish versions.


Note: Purchasing the Trainers Toolbox allows one download only